The Division 2’s worst exotic is getting buffed

The Division 2’s worst exotic is getting buffed


Ubisoft is pushing several balance changes to the Division 2, including a big buff for the Pestilence, the game’s worst exotic by a strong margin. Though Massive doesn’t reveal exact numbers, it says it’s looking at the gun in particular.

We are buffing damage across the board for all exotics in PVP,” said the company in its State of the Game Q&A. “The Pestilence is included in this list, but we want to remind everyone that Exotics are not exclusively designed to output raw power. Above all else, we want them to be fun to use.”

The exact stat boost for the Pestilence isn’t clear, but at this point, anything is appreciated. Previously, we’ve suggested it as a go-to for dismantling, but the buff could force a reconsideration. It’ll still be a bad pick for PvE, but it’ll be interesting to see if it’s viable in some situations.

The team is making a number of other changes to PvP besides the exotic boost, including to normalization. All weapons and equipment will be adjusted to a gear score 500, though weapon stat rolls and skill damage modifiers will be respected. 

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