Sea of Thieves’ Twitch Rivals tournament has a $100,000 prize pool

Sea of Thieves’ Twitch Rivals tournament has a $100,000 prize pool


Sea of Thieves is the next game to feature in Twitch Rivals, and it’s been announced that the upcoming tournament’s swashbuckling prize pool is $100,000 USD (£79,000). No pirate in their right mind would miss this opportunity to plunder some major booty.

Twitch Rivals is a series of competitions that are designed for streamers to participate in. Each event focuses on a particular title, and players will have to compete in certain challenges to receive prizes and exclusive game content. In the past, the tournament has Rivals has teamed up with hundreds of games, from Apex Legends and Dota 2 to Teamfight Tactics and even Stardew Valley.

With the Sea of Thieves prize pot sitting in the hundreds of thousands, whatever crew wins will be able to live out their days sailing on tropical seas. Getting first place in any Twitch Rivals competitions can earn you a pretty penny.

Looking at the most recent events from this month, the prize money for first place has been around the thousands, first place in the recent Mortal Kombat 11 Tower Challenge was $7,700 USD (£6,000) and in the Magic the Gathering Team Draft Challenge it was $6,000 USD (£4700). Twitch Rivals also held a $125,000 Teamfight Tactics competition with the player winning in first place receiving $8,373 USD (£6,600).

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