Undertale fans think Patrick Star could be the voice of Sans

Undertale fans think Patrick Star could be the voice of Sans


At face value, Patrick Star, the loveable pink starfish and Spongebob Squarepants’ rock-dwelling neighbour, doesn’t appear to have much in common with Sans, the grinning, skeletal guide to protagonist Frisk in Toby Fox’s indie RPG Undertale. However, it looks like they could have more in common than you might think – their voices. One SoundCloud user has managed to recreate Sans’ voice using a sample of Patrick Star’s – and it’s pretty good.

On online audio platform SoundCloud, channel Undertale OST: Recreated – which, unsurprisingly given its name, seeks to recreate tracks from the 2015 game’s OST from scratch – has posted a track: “Undertale: Bonus Track – Sans Voice [Recreation].” The track uses a short clip of Patrick Star’s voice saying “maybe it’s the way you’re dressed”, chopping it down to a single ‘eh’ sound jittering along in a Sans-style verbal stream.

The result sounds pretty authentic, evoking fond memories of all of the interesting and helpful comments Sans would pepper your journeys with through Undertale’s labyrinthine Underworld. You know, like “I’ve gotten a ton of work done today. A skele-ton” and “quick, behind that conveniently-shaped lamp!”

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