Check out these adorable Minecraft mini biomes

Check out these adorable Minecraft mini biomes


These Minecraft mini biomes are the absolute cutest. Users on Reddit are showing off these miniaturised interpretations of full scale biomes using interesting materials and a little artistic license.

Biomes if you’re unfamiliar are the different environments of Minecraft, varying from Swamps, Mountains, Badlands, and beyond. They each have unique attributes, plant life, animals, and expectations which fans have learned the ins and outs of over the years. These charming little interpretations of those biomes try to fit those characteristics into a really small space, using unusual materials to get an adorable effect typically in either three by three or four by four squares.

There is a long line of Minecraft users finding new ways to interact with the blocky world around them and it’s not unusual for us to be impressed by the results. Let’s have a look at some of the more famous Biome recreations on Reddit and admire them for their delightful creativity, and their good humour.

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