Now you can make your own Friends episodes in the Sims 4

Now you can make your own Friends episodes in the Sims 4


I’ll be perfectly honest here: During Friends 10-year run on NBC, I was much more likely to be watching reruns of Highlander: The Series on USA. But Friends was so omnipresent in culture at the time that I still recognize its characters, the theme song, and the locations where the cast spent most of their on-screen time: 90 Bedford Street is instantly recognizable, and it’s been faithfully recreated in this Sims 4 build by a player called cloudychick.

The three-storey Manhattan apartment building features Monica and Rachel’s place, Joey and Chandler’s apartment across the hall, with their hangout spot Central Perk on the ground floor. There are tons more details for true Friends fans to discover as well, and a frankly astonishing level of detail in the build.

On Reddit, cloudychick says she used photos from the show as references for her build, and supplemented that with careful rewatches, pausing at opportune moments to catch briefly-glimpsed details on the set. Central Perk is rendered in amazing fidelity, although cloudychick says that set changes a lot over the course of the show and featured a lot of product placement, which naturally she couldn’t replicate in The Sims 4.

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